Partnering with the Right SEO Company

So much of your business is on the line here, and time is always working against you in your efforts to get your visibility in the organic search results. Each day that passes your competition is pouncing on your potential customers and taking your income.

To make the job easier for selecting the right SEO company, these three tips help narrow down the search for an affordable, professional and efficient candidate.

1. Keyword Optimization
The keyword optimization on your website is an integral part of how the search engine spiders rank your pages and how effectively the consumer will find you during a keyword search. Your business can expect Violet Coffee to conduct an in-depth review of your current content. This information is analyzed to optimize keywords to increase your page rank. Keyword optimization reports are provided for review and comment during the optimization process.

2. Developing Linking Strategies
Together with keyword optimization, your website will also require a solid linking strategy. Violet Coffee analyzes the current linking structure to develop the right strategy for improve your ranking.

3. Size of Your Company
SEO is NOT the same for all businesses and to determine what is the right approach for your company is where we come in. When asked what works for my business, the answer is “it depends”. Today that couldn’t be more true because the marketing strategy developed for your business will no be the same for any other company even with a similar size, in your niche.


Violet Coffee can help you get your website mobile optimized and found on Google so you dominate your competition.

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