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A daily estimate of 2+ trillion searches were done on Google 2016. In 2018, that number has doubled leaving businesses asking how can they reach more potential customers online.
Violet Coffee is a top SEO and Social Media agency located in The Bronx, NY. We only work with a small number of clients and follow industry standard best practices to improve website rankings and Our SEO process starts with an in-depth report that will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your company's website. The information from this report is used to develop a keywords strategy and road map to improve search engine rankings. The road map that is developed from running reports is also used as a guide to on-page and off-page optimization of your website. We specialize in Facebook management and are offering a 7 Day Make Over & Take Over where we manage your Facebook business account for FREE.  Yes, it's completely free and with absolutely no obligation to extend after the 7 days. All work is done on premises.  

What We Offer

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is best known as a holistic approach to increase website visibility. Why is this important? It's important because the businesses ranking in the top 5 spots on Page 1 have the highest traffic. So, customers already looking for your service or product are being lost to the competition daily. Learn more about SEO.

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Social Media Management

Today, companies understand the need for social media but often have questions on how best to manage their presence on what platforms they should be on. Violet Coffee will run a Social Media Audit on all of your platforms. This report is designed to share what is being done well on each platform and where to improve as well as how to best optimize each one. Our Social Media management package includes scheduling posts, social listening, managing communities and real-time conversations.   Learn more about Social Media Management.

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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is a holistic approach to increase website visibility. Why is this important? It's important because when you rank higher on search engine, it customers already looking for your service or product to easily find your website. There are technical and creative tools used to improve website rankings and drive traffic across all search engines including the way the pages read and the structure of your website.

Why does my website need SEO?

Whether your website provides strictly content or offers services or products, the majority of web traffic will be driven by online searches conducted on GoogleBingYahoo! and other search engines. Targeted traffic to a website from online searches increases exposure like no other channel of marketing. Investing in SEO can have an exceptional rate of return compared to other types of marketing and promotion.

Do search engines recognize my site without SEO?

Search engines are smart. Algorithms regularly update these search engines to help crawl website at different levels. SEO are the steps to gain attention, increase visitors to your site an boost rankings.  Companies who perform SEO will have a decided advantage in visitors and customers.

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Social Media

What is Social Media Management?

Today, companies understand the need for social media but often have questions on how best to manage their presence on each platform. Social Media management refers to scheduling posts, responding to questions, managing communities, and participating in conversations in real-time.

Social Media is Rapidly Becoming a Resource for Customer Care

The days where customers are willing to stay on hold for extended periods are gone. Customers know that the world is watching on social media and that brands are likely to quickly resolve their issues if they publicly ask for assistance. Combining social media management and social media engagement is how we remain aware of what is being said about your brand and manage all engagement growing followers and leads. What does your Social Media strategy look like?

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Attract More Customers

Attract More Customers

Violet Coffee takes the guess work out of social media management and website ranking. We follow industry standard best-practices to grow your online presence and improve website ranking.

If your Facebook business page is not a minimum of 10 reactions to your post and shares then you are doing something wrong!

Let us help you with our FREE 7-DAY Facebook Makeover and Takeover.



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